Pysmssend-1.48 is out!

June 3, 2012 · Posted in Linux, Projects · 6 Comments 

It’s been long time since I last made a new release for pysmssend. This release fixes a couple of bugs for the Forthnet and Voipbuster accounts. My free time is very limited and I don’t actively maintain this application anymore, so if you would like to step up and fix/improve this application let me know ;)

Pysmssend-1.40 is out!

February 17, 2009 · Posted in Projects · Comment 

Due to limited free time it took me  a while to release a new version of pysmsend . This is a critical bugfix version since it solves many connectivity issues . Furthermore, due to betamax site changes, the previous version is not so cooperative with them anymore. So I would strongly suggest to update to 1.40 version. Gentoo users should be able to install this package directly from portage tree ( app-misc/pysmssend ).

Pysmssend homepage


November 1, 2008 · Posted in Projects · 2 Comments 

Its out. Many many bug fixes. I hope you will enjoy it as much as the previous version

1) Improved control for message report
2) Tray icon has been re-written
3) Added voipcheap support
4) Added -v option when running Gui. Verbose output
5) Fix feedback when sending a message.
6) Remember Me checkbox is now by default checked.
7) Check for updates when the program starts.
8 ) Compatibility fixed for both kde3+kde4 kaddressbook. Needs more testing though

Pysmssend 1.37 released

August 29, 2008 · Posted in Projects · Comment 

Pysmssend is out

I ve done several chages so you might notice several bugs ( i havent though :P )



1) Added JustVoip support
2) Small bugfixes
3) Updated for python2.5 support

Major fixes in this version

Since betamax change the way users login to their site I had to re-write most of the code so you should except some problems

So the changes are

1) Betamax accounts do not need to login anymore. You just fill all the info (username,password,number,text) and then click the Send button
2) Because of the that ,credits left module wont be available (for now) for betamax sites
3) Some code cleanup
4) Fixed install script
5) Donate tab on About menu

Pysmssend 1.34 released

May 29, 2008 · Posted in Projects · 2 Comments 

Today I ve released pysmssend 1.34 .


1)Wrong Credits Left Indication after message sent fixed
2)Added WebcallDirect Support (Beta)
3)Modular application. Application is splitted into multiple files. Now
its much faster and can be maintained more easily

Homepage: Pysmssend

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