Looking for the “ideal” C/C++ IDE

April 4, 2009 · Posted in Various · 12 Comments 

Choosing the best IDE for your development projects is somehow a difficult task.

Recently I had to develop ( and I am still developing it) a University project. Basically I need to write some code on C ,some other on  C++,  use some (?) Qt4 for the user interface and use some rtai/rtnet headers and functions as well.  The thing is that I haven’t written C/C++ for a long time. Last time I needed to , I used Anjuta . It was a very simple IDE that did the basics ( as far as I remember ). The years have pasted , now I am older and more mature (no comments) so I need to use a more mature IDE.

Kdevelop3 was the first IDE that poped on Google search. But.. it is a kde3 application. Hell NOOO :) . I dont feel like using old kde3 apps for my development. I just dont know why!!! I am that weird. Since I use kde4, I prefered to find a more “recent” and up2date IDE. Isn’t that normal? Kdevelop4 is pretty much broken right now so I had to search for another IDE.

Codeblocks was the second IDE that came  into my mind. Very very handy ( not interface wise ) . I could have loved it ,if it wasn’t a GTK application :) . But still ,that IDE seems somehow pretty good for  my project. Despite the fact that the interface was badly designed, it had some nice features. Unfortunately you can’t do much work if the interface is that ugly.  And since I was supposed to do heavy development , I had to look for another ( more pretty ) IDE.

I do maintain qt-creator for Gentoo Linux. So I  thought it was about time to give it a shoot. Great interface,  pretty convenient but…. it was mostly for Qt4 development. So I decided to use this program to design my gui . Believe me , you should TRY IT if you write Qt4 applications. it is AWSOME. Great designer, handy features (fakevim, auto-completion , cmake support ). I liked the project tab that let me configure my .pro files just like I wanted them. gdb embedded debugger was really helpfull as well :)

Ok we are done with the user interface. What about the backend???? I was out of ideas…

But Kenneth’s blog post , reminded me of  Eclipse :).

I didnt know ( and I still dont ) what version of eclipse exists on portage so I just downloaded the C/C++ version from here . I unpacked it on my $HOME folder and started using it . I think I found the ideal IDE for  my projects ( at least so far ).There are not many words to say about eclipse. I am sure everybody (who has developed java/c++ ) knows about it.

What about you fellows? What is your prefered C/C++ IDE?

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