Join the Gentoo Development team – Part ΙΙ

February 7, 2009 · Posted in Gentoo · 10 Comments 

…or jumping the gap. A couple of days ago I joined the Gentoo Development Team :).  I will be on KDE/Qt Herds. However, there are many things to be done on Qt eclasses ( qt4.eclass and qt4-build.eclass ) so I will focus on them for now.  Not much else to say. I guess I should start messing with portage tree now :) .

Being a gentoo user for 3 years and now serving it, is a weird feeling. I would encourage people to join this project. You can deal with anything you like.  KDE, Gnome, alsa, kernel. There are so many projects to participate on:).

On the other hand , if  you dont have much time you can join Arch teams and test packages for your arch and mark them stable or something.  This is quite important if you want more and more packages to be on the tree :)

For those who really dont have time at all, submitting bugs is more than appreciated. If you file a bug , we will be able to fix it. Dont keep bugs for yourself, and dont accept bugs as normal behavior. It will cost you 5′ to file a bug, but those 5′ will be beneficial for the rest of us.

So, about Qt, two days ago Qt-4.5.0_rc1 was released. As a result we bumped Qt-4.50_beta1 to Qt-4.5.0_rc1. qt-copy has been moved towards 4.5.0_rc1 hence we dropped 4.4.9999 packages and bring the shiny new 4.5.9999. Futhermore the first Qt-creator release candidate version is on our overlay as well.

Feel free to try them and report any issues you find either to me or to #gentoo-kde on freenode servers.

There is also a topic on Gentoo forums about our overlay.

Finally , I would like to thank Alex (wired) for testing and giving feedback for Qt-live packages.

Hope to see you around :)

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