Heads up: How to set your default graphics engine in Qt-4.8.0

January 29, 2012 · Posted in Gentoo · 17 Comments 

Since one hour ago, Qt-4.8.0 is in Gentoo portage tree. New major release so lots of new (or broken) stuff. The most important feature in this release is the integration of a new eselect module. This module will allow you to set your default graphics engine without the need to recompile Qt (x11-libs/qt-gui to be precise) from scratch. So, provided you have qt-gui-4.8.0 installed, you should be able to use the eselect module as follows:

hwoarang@mystical ~$ eselect qtgraphicssystem list
Available Qt Graphics Systems:
 [1] native
 [2] opengl
 [3] raster *

(note: if you have x11-libs/qt-openvg installed, one more option should be available)

Simply select your graphics system of preference, and then logout and login again.

hwoarang@mystical ~$ eselect qtgraphicssystem set 2
Setting opengl as your active Qt Graphics System... done
Please logout for changes to take effect.

Thanks to Alex(wired) for the eselect module implementation.
Enjoy ;-)



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