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November 23, 2010 · Posted in Gentoo, Life · 1 Comment 

Somehow I got inspired to write a blog post after listening to Hana Pestle – This Way song. What a beautiful voice she has!

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about anything. This is because life gets busier and busier. Besides the load of assignments I have to do for my university studies, I am looking for a graduate job for next year, plus I am trying to find a descent dissertation topic. Furthermore, I do try to plan my Christmas vacations which I will spend pretty much in UK. I am thinking of visiting Wales or Edinburgh for a couple of days. It should be nice. If you happen to know a good and cheap place (preferably close to train station) to stay in either of these two places please let me know.

Concerning Gentoo, I really try to be as active as possible. Thanks to Petteri for his patience and effort to train me as a recruiter, I already recruited two people so far. I also try to keep amd64 stable tree alive and thanks to our Arch Testers we are in a good shape.

Thats all from me so far. I really have to get back to studying now. I hope to be able to write a more interesting blog post next time :)

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