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October 1, 2010 · Posted in Travelling 

Two week in Manchester already. It is much more different than I originally expected. I thought I will be missing Greece but I am really happy that I proved myself wrong. The atmosphere here is spectacular. With all the freshers around I feel like 18 again :p.

The first week was like a 7-days party. Plenty of events around the University area ( and not only ), plus the big Erasmus party, made me understand that having fun in UK is exactly the opposite of what we call “party” in Greece. People here  dancing everywhere, doing theme parties and they do NOT need huge amounts of alcohol to have fun. They have fun because they feel like it not because they are wasted. Anyway…

I also took a couple of Salsa (O_0) lessons. I would never thought I would do that. It was quite fun in the end I must say.

This week was the first week of semester. The courses are quite fair, but they are moving quite fast, so unless you want to study like crazy in the end, you need to start studying early enough. The university is quite amazing. The lectures are pretty cool, and the labs even better. I really enjoy it. They require many hours of self-studying but, hey, this is why I am here after all :-)

Gentoo-wise, I had to drop my activities in many areas like retiring myself from kernel and Qt. I will keep doing amd64 and QA/treecleaning work for as long as I am capable to. Furthermore I am about to join the recruiter area. This is actually good because I can recruit more and more people so I can slack more :-). I am kidding of course, but it is good to try and bring more and more motivated people to Gentooland.

You may see some photos here.


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  1. Vasilis on October 1st, 2010 11:07 pm


    I wish you a great time at Manchester. It’s rather early to say that you don’t miss Greece, think of this after a few months and you might reconsider (or not).

    It’s sad to hear that you’ve given up some of your Gentoo activities, but it wouldn’t be fair for your Master degree. It’s a wise decision. I had considered joining the amd64 arch testers team in the past, but the truth is that very little free time is left to do this, so I didn’t finally go down this road.

    And I’m telling you once more. If you find a serious job or something there that has potential for you, don’t be afraid to make the big step and stay. There are times that I consider leaving Greece (I know this sounds disappointing, but the situation here is not going to get better, at least for a decade or so).

    Anyway, have a great time there. This time is yours.

  2. Dimitris Leventeas on October 1st, 2010 11:39 pm

    Congratulations! This is great news! Keep us updated with your experiences from the student life in UK!

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