Crazy about Qt? Time to prove it :)

May 12, 2009 · Posted in Gentoo 

Many of you might have already seen my e-mail on gentoo-dev ml. For those who haven’t , Qt herd is about to face lack of manpower after July. We already have two upcoming developers but we could use some more as well :). So, if you are willing to help us keep Qt in a high QA level you could do it using the following two ways:

1) Qting-edge overlay is open to new contributors who are willing to see their favorite Qt4 applications reach an official gentoo overlay. Of course you will need to prove that you have some ebuild skills.  Not much, since our magic eclasses do all the dirty stuff.  We are trying to keep the quality in high levels,  so we might need to review your commits before you do them ( at least at the beggining ).

2) If you always wanted to become  a Gentoo Qt developer , now it’s the chance. We could mentor you as well as helping you with your ebuild quizes.

So, feel free to contact us via qt[at]gentoo[dot]org if you are willing to contribute :)


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